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    Under the title Stains of Time CREAMCAKE develops an enigmatic space of encounter for the Music Installations Nuremberg. Creamcake is an interdisciplinary curatorial platform from Berlin that negotiates the intersections of art, music, performance, and technologies with current socio-political topics.

    By contributing to the emergence of an interdisciplinary art and club scene in Berlin for over 10 years now, Creamcake has been intervening in the mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion of the queer feminist community. Initially founded as a resistive party series, the platform is deeply influenced by the global experimental and popular electronic music and subculture of the 10s and its queer club experience, characterized by embodiment, collective intimacy and ecstasy on the Dancefloor. Creamcake represents and stands for a soundtrack after the internet and deals with the mutual gravitation of club culture, performance and art.

    In Stains of Time, Creamcake invites bod [包家巷], Ewa Awe, Steve Katona and Lauryn Youden to design a rough ambient party and discursive labyrinth in the encounter of four independent artistic positions. A dynamic spatial concept with mobile platforms investigates the system of relationships between the audience, the artists and their works, and keeps these interconnections in constant motion. Over the course of several hours – which can at times be meditative, at other times very direct – socio-political issues, identity and gender constructions, and queer-feminist performativity find their expression in what at first seem to be disjointed scenarios and situations. A non-linear narrative opens up in musical movement from song, performance as well as installation.

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    Quellkollektiv e.V.
    Wandererstr. 89c
    90431 Nuremberg

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  • Participating Artists
  • Ewa Poniatowska

    Steve Katona

    Lauryn Youden

    bod [包家巷]

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  • Creamcake